Holley - HP EFI ECU

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Holley - HP EFI ECU

HP EFI Engine Management Systems are full featured and complete tunability using a laptop or optional 5.7" full color touch screen LCD. Their versatile capabilities make them ideal for use on a wide range of applications including street, drag race, road racing, off road and marine. Intuitive software combined with self-tuning capabilities make the HP systems flexible and easy to use. The HP ECU is available as a stand alone ECU/Harness kits (including GM LSx engines) or as a part of a complete 4bbl TBI, 4bbl MPFI, or Stealth Ram EFI system. These systems set the standard for mid-level programmable ECU's


  • Eight sequentially driven 8:2 peak and hold injector drivers , capable of driving up to 16 low or high impedance injectors as a standard feature. Multiple staged injector strategies.
  • Eight channel Distributorless Ignition(DIS) outputs capable of directly driving "Smart" ignition coils or Holley DIS coils. Will drive 2 wire coils with the addition of PN 554-112 high current coil driver module
  • Plug and Play control of factory GM 24x and 58x LSx engines
  • Integrated single channel wide band oxygen sensor control. Works with NTK or Bosch sensors. More channels can be added via CAN bus
  • Internal data-logging standard with a huge 2GB of memory
  • 4 Stage progressive nitrous control
  • Turbo boost control
  • Integrated water/methanol injection control
  • Self-tuning fuel table strategy greatly simplifies tuning process
  • Individual cylinder fuel and spark control allows you to unlock your engines potential
  • Works with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines
  • Unique lb/hr based fueling strategy simplifies tuning
  • Advanced idle, closed loop and enrichment strategies allow for stable operation
  • ECU is fully potted and can be mounted in the engine compartment or interior
  • Sealed automotive and marine grade connectors
  • Allows for use of common OEM sensors as well as customer sensor calibration input
  • 1-5 Bar MAP sensor capability
  • Two channel knock control sensor inputs for both one or two wire knock sensors
  • Dedicated fuel and oil pressure inputs
  • Controls both stepper and PWM Idle Air Control (IAC) motors
  • Speed density, Alpha-N or combination fueling strategies
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