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If a high quality inductive "smart coil" is what you need, Our HPS-IGN1A coil is what you need!. Capable of producing extremely high spark energy (103mJ +) makes it ideal for many high horsepower applications. The coil-near-plug form factor allows it to be remotely mounted away from the cylinder head to promote lower operating temperatures of the coil, improving longevity and performance. The IGN1A is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, ranging from moderate powered endurance applications through 3000+ horsepower racing motors. It is the ideal combination of high spark energy and long spark duration.

Used often for its reliability and performance, the IGN1A’s built-in igniter allows for a simplified installation and is ideal for use with MANY ECU's, No external igniter or CDI is required for these coil to function.

When installing the IGN1A, special attention must be paid to the quality of the connections due to the immense energy of this coil. The center pin (Terminal C) MUST be grounded to the cylinder head. The coil will not supply full power if it is not grounded properly.

Connection: A: Coil Trigger (ECU Trigger) B: Coil Trigger (ECU 0V) C: GND to Cyl Head D: Battery GND E: Battery POS

Mating Connector and terminals included. Note: The connector is a ‘pull to seat’ connector. The wires must be fed through the connector before termination.

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