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Voltphreaks batteries are designed and built in the USA for those looking to shed weight. One of the 
safest lithium racing batteries on the market thanks to a built-in BMS with balancing, fault detection, 
and high and low voltage cutoffs.  They are rated for track use only due to strict regulations for 
road-use products and similar to all aftermarket racing products.  Batteries are not waterproof and 
shouldn't be drenched or submerged, splashes encountered in normal battery mounting locations 
are ok.

All Voltphreaks batteries have with a full battery management system. This means you get low voltage protection, over-charge protection,and fault protection. The Battery will shut off before it is over-discharged or charged! This makes it extremely difficult to damage the battery via use. In the event the battery fails, the fault protection circuitry will shut the battery off. Built in balancing circuitry also assures long life. Battery can last up to 10 years with proper use,and has a 2 year full warranty!
This is the current state of the art in lithium battery technology. It is 3 to 5 times lighter than a comparable lead-acid battery of similar specs, and lasts 5 to 10+ years with proper use. Up to 5 times the life of a lead-acid battery. These batteries are a drop-in replacement for your lead-acid battery, Install and treat your Voltphreaks battery like a standard car battery. Lithium batteries require management during charging and discharging and have different requirements compared to a lead-acid battery, but this is all handled behind the scenes by circuitry inside the battery. This circuitry masks the fact that it's a lithium battery from the car, allowing the battery to be used and treated as if it were a regular lead-acid battery
(note that Voltphreaks batteries cannot be used in series/ parallel. Example, if your car has a 24V system and uses two 12V batteries in series,a Voltphreaks system won't work)
  • Much lighter than a comparable lead-acid battery.
  • Can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Can be "deep cycled", meaning fully discharged without damage to the battery, while being protected from over-discharge.
  • Has an LVC (low voltage cutoff) to prevent over-discharge. This turns off the battery when it's discharged, preventing damage from over-discharge (for example, by accidentally leaving a load on overnight).
  • Has full fault protection circuitry to protect your battery, preventing damage from overcharge and other faults.
  • Maintains higher voltage and charges more efficiently, less load on the alternator and more efficient than a lead-acid.
  • Circuitry allows charging/discharging at high rates (compatible with high current alternators).
  • Optional remote pushbutton harness allows battery to be turned off and turned on remotely.
  • True physical disconnect of battery via an interal bi-stable remotely operated disconnect relay.
  • Circuitry designed in-house: Tested, Proven, Continuously updated over the last 10 years
  • many competitors outsource the circuit,or even leave out the management circuitry completely.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA. This gives complete control over quality and build
Battery Specifications: VPH16-900
  • Nominal voltage--16 volts
  • Cranking Amps (CA) --1060 amps
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) --580 amps
  • Capacity --35 Ah
  • reserve capacity (RC) --45 minutes
  • dimensions --10"x6".75x3.25"
  • weight--8.25 pounds
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